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Once the festival of choice has been decided, it’s time to get a little organised. First on the agenda is camping—not most people’s favourite thing in the world. However, once experienced it’s easy to admit that it is brilliant fun. Yes, it gets cold at night and yes, there are creepy crawlies. But once you realise that everyone is in the same boat, it’s simply a case of getting on with it.

Going from previous experience, here at buzz magazine we would highly recommend doing a test-run with the tent before setting off: that way you won’t waste valuable drinking/band watching time poking yourself in the eye with various poles, or tripping over the guide rope. If there are more than two in the tent, it’s definitely worth getting one with a ‘living area’ in it. That way there’s somewhere to chill and have a few drinks, rather than on your makeshift bed.  A vital tip is to pitch your tent on high ground so you don’t float away when the inevitable monsoon occurs. Equally, don’t pitch it anywhere near the toilets—for obvious reasons.

Secondly, you must have a decent check-list with regard to things you need to bring with you. Take food and drink. Don’t laugh at your mum when she sends you off with a cool box stuffed full of food. Carrying it up the hill to the camp-site along with everything else may be back-breaking, but it will turn out to be an absolute God-send. This is what you will survive on (amongst the dodgy, overpriced burgers), and after a crazy night watching loads of good/mediocre/terrible bands, you’ll eat anything.

Other essentials to bring are baby wipes (you can’t do a festival without them); dry shampoo; hand sanitizer; hair gel for the guys lovely locks and, most importantly, a full list of all the bands, what time they’re playing and where; the very last thing you want is to miss any of your favourites. These guides are usually for sale throughout the grounds of the festival and, though overpriced, are well worth the investment.

Lastly, if there’s one thing that gets us in a quandary, it’s what to wear to a festival. You want to look stylish with the latest fashions, but you also have to be practical about it. If you’re guaranteed good weather then there’s no problem. But let’s face it, we’re in Scotland and the guarantee of good weather is about as likely as a sudden influx of Conservative MSPs. But never fear, a few key essentials and all will be fine. Wellies are the obvious choice of shoe to pack, and you’ll never regret taking them. Hunter wellies for men and women are awesome (as awesome as wellies can be) but expensive, so do shop around for cheaper brands—many stores stock a range of models, often in a variety of funky patterns.

For the ladies, denim shorts are a key item to take—match these with a floaty vest or a fitted t-shirt and a scarf. Add a straw hat and flowers to your hair to set off the boho-chic vibe, and the look is complete.

For the guys, a festival-must are chino shorts teamed with a cool t-shirt (as let’s face it, you may get your top half on TV at some stage) and a fedora hat. Simples. Oh, and ladies and gents must not forget the sunglasses for a truly slick and cool look whether it’s raining or not—you’re at a festival and that’s just the rules. OK?

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